LIGHTS Tungsten

The 4-LiteStrip by BargerLite:

In my opinion, there arn’t enough high-powered, small sized softlights, but I found one!
I just recently got my hands on the 4-LiteStrip from Barger Lite.  I’ve always been a fan of the company.  They are the only heads I know of that make clean spread with multi-heads, but even better than that- its all Edison power ends.  It’s the only way I have found to get an 8K softlight on normal house power.
The unit I’m speaking about in this post specifically is the 4-LiteStrip.  It’s a 4 head lamp with two 650w lamps stacked two-by-two next to each other. The result is a very compact 2600w softlight that is easily containable and has a small footprint.  With the chimera on the unit, it’s a perfect 26” from the back of the light to the very front of the diffusion and a very short 16” high, but with a massive lateral spread of 49”.
It worked out great for us on a standup shoot for a comedy pilot. The venue had very low ceilings with a 3’ tall stage, and we had 6’3″ actor, so… we didn’t have a lot of room to work with for a key light and a wide-shot.
Barger also makes a 6-LiteStrip that I’m looking forward to using.

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