It’s a pretty simple story really: I have always been fascinated by movies. When I was a young my family would rent movies every weekend (sometimes more often than that) – it’s one of my favorite childhood memories. By the time I was a teen I got my hands on a sony digital 8mm camcorder that I used almost daily for shooting skate videos. The years went by and my interest in cameras only grew and soon I upgraded to a Canon XL1 and a Power Mac G4 with FCP (2001). Skate videos started to become secondary to my new interest of narrative and learning the art of filmmaking with Super 8mm and 16mm film. In 2002, I was accepted into the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography, by portfolio entrance. The school gave me a lot of fantastic hands on time with gear and face time with other like-minded filmmakers. However, I wanted to get down to Los Angeles as soon as I could – and did. In 2005, I jumped in with both feet and bought a complete Aaton XTR+ S16mm camera package from the Kent Burns camera fleet and set off to be a DP. Since then I’ve had the great fortune of working on teams with some of the biggest names in cinema, and have shot all around the world utilizing literally every form of film gate and digital capture available. I’ve learned a lot over the years and am always interested in helping others with advice. My name is Jonathan Hall and I am a Cinematographer.

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