What you see here is a 2003 Panasonic SDX900 recording at 60i, going out SDI standard definition 480i 16×9 to an AJA up-converter to 1080p and finally into a AJA Ki Pro Mini recorder to be recorded at 1080 30p.  Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but it was the only way that we were going to be able to get our accurate vintage look, shoot tapeless and preserve a 1080p image resolution for deliverable (confirmed by my friends at VER).  What the hell did we do all of it for? Good question…


A number of months ago, a friend of mine came to me with the idea to do a web series that would emulate the look and feel of early 1990’s professional digital video.  He had already done a lot of research into the vintage format, including the short-lived Sony HDVS.  After a lot of searching (and a lack of options), we decided to go with a “newer” system. Basically, we didn’t want to run the risk of only having one functioning camera in town (in case it blew up).  We also didn’t want to have to deal with tape and all it entails for post; and we didn’t want to be limited on camera accessories and monitoring options on set.  The last things we added to the mix were classic Fujinon 13x 4.5mm zoom and 1/4 BPM filter overall.

The series was a satire comedy called CATHERINE for JASH TV.

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